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 Born and raised Chicagoan, David GAUNA is a self taught artist and muralist, passionate about community engagement, youth development, and social justice. Incorporating and exploring the intersectionality of Chicano culture and identifying  as a gay male within his personal art, along with his passion for street art. David has over eight (8) years of working and p partnering within community organizations serving demographics with the: Latin/Hispanic Chicago communities, HIV testing and counseling, LGBTQ and/or homelessness program case management/coordinating, and consulting. Davids work has always served marginalized communities, creating space for dialogue for educational, advocacy, or healing. David is the founder of of MURALS BLOOM, a visual arts after school program for high school youth, creating space to explore social issues that impact young people and the  communities that they live in, by creating safe spaces within classrooms using the peace circle model. David now spends his time balancing his time as a board member of the Association of LatinX Motivating Action (ALMA), his youth programs, and as a professional artist. "BLOOM", David "tags" his artwork under, as a metaphor for growth. Just BLOOM..!



2147 S Lumber St, Chicago, IL 60616

Welcome to my studio. Here, I let my mind run free. From visual maps of ideas on the wall, to creating timelines for special exhibitions. Grateful to have my studio within one of Chicagos most creative communities, Pilsen.

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Coming Soon - June 2022

A collection of painted portraits, illustrations, and stories of Latinx Gay, Bi and Trans Male identifying individuals from across the U.S. and Mexico, exploring their femininity through their passions, desires, and/or body. A pop - up exhibit exploring the impact of Machismo culture and upbringing, its impact on the Latinx Gay, Bi, and Trans community and how it oppresses our coming out story.